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Essay example - Information and Network Centric Operations

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This book is intended to describe with analytical rigor the concept of distributed networked operations, which is a refinement of what have popularly been called "network centric operations." an emerging concept to the fielding of real operational capability…

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Operations of this sort do have advantages that more traditional approaches lack. For example, properly executed distributed networked operations are less dependent on the survival of individual units and thus should be harder for an adversary to disrupt. To reach its full potential, Network Centric Warfare must be deeply rooted in operational art.
The key is how the activities of geographically dispersed and functionally diverse units are orchestrated, or controlled. This is obviously a complex matter that requires a thorough understanding of the concepts upon which distributed networked operations are based.
This book aims at the Network Centric Warfare concept; to explain how it embodies the characteristics of the Information Age; to identify the challenges in transforming this concept into a real operational capability; and to suggest a prudent approach to meeting these challenges.
David S. Alberts, John J. Garstka, Frederick P. Stein are top thought-leaders in Information Age innovation and published pioneering work in the application of New Science techniques to military problems and lectures internationally on the future of military forces. This book is the product of an ongoing effort to understand and articulate the power of information superiority in warfare from a Joint perspective.
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