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History of Art Art in the age of mass media

Some of the commonly used cultural forms are web sites, multimedia, databases, computer games and animations and to a lesser extent, virtual reality. In today's culture of information and media, there is permanence and crumbling of both old and new media.
New media exists due to the foundation laid by the old media and its language. But there are instances where new media is coming on its own and breaking from its roots. The distinctive feature about new media is its capacity to create a virtual world of information that, in the case of the internet, exists in servers worldwide but visualized at a computer workstation at any corner. This illusion of reality that is organized and structured has transformed human experience.
In the culture of the information society, computerization has led to developments of new forms. Old media such photography and cinema have in some ways reinvented themselves and converged into new media. The computer revolution has considerably enhanced the scope of visual culture and new avenues of expression have opened up to artists.
Bolter and Grusin offer an alternate way of thinking about the new media. They present the idea of remediation and define it as "the formal logic by which technologies refashion prior media forms" (Bolter and Grusin 2000 p.273). ...
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New or digital media has become a core phenomenon in modern societies worldwide, shaping lives in the way people conduct their work and business. For the modern day digital artist and all those involved in the new media of information and art, new tools and outlets are now at their disposal offering freedom of choice to express creativity…
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