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Essay example - Aids and How It Spread Globally

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AIDS i.e. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome has proved to be a deadly disease for the human civilization. Despite best efforts by the researchers, no credible treatment has been found for this disease during the last more than 25 years. As per the World Health Organization and UNAIDS statistics the number of people living with AIDS in 2007 is estimated at around 33 million1…

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The disease is primarily caused by the HIV virus i.e. the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It was in the year 1982 that the term was first used; while earlier indication of such type of disease was termed as 'Grid' i.e. Gay related immune deficiency (BBC, 2006). The disease started from the African region. In the year 1981 the medical fraternity started noticing that a number of patients in the African region are dying from a disease, which they believed must not have been serious enough (CBC News, 2006). The seriousness of the fatal infection became more striking when the disease soon found its way into other countries and first case of AIDS death was reported in Canada in the year 1982. The western world took notice and researches into the symptoms and nature of the infection led to its categorization as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
The virus HIV, leads to gradual weakening of the immune system of the body and in such situations even everyday infections start becoming life threatening. Research and development into finding a permanent solution to cure the disease have not yet been successful. Though, the life expectancy of AIDS patients have become much more now. ...
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