Thesis sample - The Effect of PeerTutoring and Computer Assisted Tutoring on Standardized Math Scores

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My action research study will investigate the effects of two forms of mathematical tutoring. The purpose of the study is to discover the best available strategy to aid Raul Yzaguirre School for Success (RYSS) students in the improvement of their standardized test scores for mathematics…


The purpose of this action research study is to determine the value of tutoring strategies in augmenting mathematical studies for junior high school students. My purpose is to study the results of two types of tutoring programs used with adolescent groups. The two tutorial groups are computer assisted instruction and peer-tutoring.
Raul Yzaguirre School for Success (RYSS) is an urban charter school with a majority-minority Hispanic student population. RYSS is a Title I school with 100% of the students receiving free and reduced lunch. I am currently teaching Language Arts for the eighth grade while obtaining my administration internship.
The purpose of the study is to discover the best available strategy to aid RYSS students in the improvement of their standardized test scores for mathematics. The administrative team at RYSS has approved a tutoring program for summer school students. ...
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