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The author applies these differences specifically in the way the sexes manage a business organization. While women "tend to soften their demands and statements," men opt to give direct orders. Generally, women are also apt in asking more questions than man. The article stressed that culture is pivotal in this distinctions. Women are raised to be more nurturing and maintain harmonious relationships while men aren't. The author, however, emphasize that generalization about the characteristics of men and women based on the way they communicate are invalid.
On the other hand, Turner explored how the way men and women think affects the way they communicate. Turner stated that a lot of factors influence the words that people say. However, people's words often reveal their thoughts. Thus, disparities between the communication techniques of the two sexes can be best explained by their thoughts. It is asserted that men tend to think more of reasons and engaged into more logical discussions. Women, on the other hand, think more of their emotions as manifested through their conversations. As men tend to engage in rational discussions, a common stereotype attached to them is "rationality." On the other hand, women are always regarded to become more emotionally attached, and are often branded as "intuitive" since they don't really assert their opinions. ...
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One of the major causes of misunderstanding between men and women is due to their different communication techniques. The three articles entitled "He Said, She Said" by Sondra Thiederman, "Male's Logic, and Women's Intuition" by Robin Turner, and "Can't We Talk" by Tannen highlight this differences.
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