The Effects of Overfishing on Oceans - Essay Example

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The Effects of Overfishing on Oceans

Integrated approach in coastal and ocean resources management must be applied.
The tranquility of the sea was at late 1967 and was unhurriedly being disrupted by technological interventions, accelerating and multiplying uses, and a dynamic rivalry which poised to cross the threshold of man's precious seabed (United Nations, 1998). At that time, both dangers and promises were upheld while the dangers were abundant: nuclear submarines charting or documenting deep waters which were never
before explored. Supertankers ferrying oil starting Middle East to European going to other ports, then, they pass along congested straits and leaving at the rear tracking of oil spills. These resulted to the rising tensions between nations greater than conflicting claims to ocean regions and resources.
Levenson in 1996 stated that ( p 100, par 2), marine resources are severely affected by a broad range of natural as well as human perturbations, such as pollutants from human effluents. Wastes can take place directly in marine waters, although it can also indirectly be transported to the sea by rivers. ...
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Healthy marine resources provide people with immense benefits, including food, stable environment, climate regulation, recreation, tourism opportunities, shoreline protection, and a medium for transportation and trade. These resources accounts for the interconnectedness therein marine ecosystems, human economies, and cultural heritage…
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