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Research Paper example - The Catholic Church and Death Penalty

Research Paper
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The Catholic Church is one of the forces that vehemently resist the implementation of death penalty. Although there is a clear separation of the church and the state, catholic churches around the world defy the killing of convicted criminals through masses, press releases and publication…

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Through the passage of time and with a firm decision of some governments to administer death sentence, it is notable to look at the history of how the Catholic Church has stood its ground. Are there instances when the Catholic Church has played soft on this opposition What are the recent press releases done by the Catholic Church to support its stand
"Capital punishment has been practiced in virtually every society, and thus can be considered to be a cultural universal or close to it, excluding those with state religious proscriptions against it. It is a matter of active controversy in various countries and states, and positions can vary within a single political ideology or cultural regionToday, most countries are considered by Amnesty International as abolitionists, which allowed a vote on a nonbinding resolution to the UN to promote the abolition of the death penalty. But more than 60% of the worldwide population live in countries where executions take place insofar as the four most populous countries in the world (the People's Republic of China, India, United States and Indonesia) apply the death penalty and are unlikely to abolish it at any time soon" (Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.).
A memo from Pope Benedict XVI (then known as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger) to the US in 2004 says: 'Not ...
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