A Strategic Analysis of Royal Mail

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This researcher's interest in the topic was aroused after reading several news articles on "the biggest turnaround in UK corporate history", accounts on how a former supermarket executive and a former head of the English Football Association rescued a business firm by converting 318 million in losses into a 540 million profit, sacking 30,000 staff, closing 2,500 branches, and improving service efficiency.


Aside from learning that what seemed as a dreary business such as postal services is an exciting field, what was intriguing to the researcher was understanding the strategic management issues faced by the government and Royal Mail: full EU liberalisation, the effects of globalisation on the postal services sector, and the pros and cons of privatisation.
More intriguing is knowing that the government and Royal Mail acted on these strategic issues, prompting this researcher to investigate and discover how these strategic issues became the bases for their subsequent management decisions and actions.
The study will show how a firm's external and internal environments affected organisational performance and managerial decisions, and how utilising existing strengths and weaknesses helped the firm take advantage of opportunities and minimise the negative effects of threats. This is what strategic management is all about.
vi. How did Royal Mail address these issues, and are their actions consistent with sound strategic management principles Did they react in the best way possible, or were there other options open to them
This dissertation brings the reader inside the mind ...
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