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Essay example - Anything But Lazy

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The paper "Anything but Lazy: New understandings about struggling readers, teaching and text" by Leigh A. Hall was adjudged the most outstanding dissertation for the year 2006 by the International Reading Association. Many papers have been written on how to motivate struggling readers to improve upon their academic performance, resulting in the development of various reading programs such as Success For All, Reading Recovery, the Spalding Method, Early Intervention Reading, the Boulder Project, and the Winston-Salem Project to name a few…

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In order to examine the effects of these factors, the author undertook a study which examined how middle school students undertake the "reading task demands of his or her classroom" and how each teacher contributed to the students' reading task / challenge. Using a descriptive case study approach, the author conducted periodic visits, administered questionnaires and conducted comprehension assessments in order to gather primary data. Identifying themes and patterns from an analysis of this data, the author identified "the ways in which each student transacted in the classroom and how the teachers worked with / responded to students around issues of reading and comprehension".
The study revealed that as far as students were concerned, their reading / comprehension was influenced by own ability, desire to learn, and more importantly, how the student wanted to be perceived [by his or her peers] as a reader. ...
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