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a. The library has a Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and a Values Statement. Their Mission Statement is " Mahopec Library will enrich the lives of all residents in the community by providing ease of access to cultural, informational, and recreational resources.


a. The library began in a classroom at Lakeview Schools in 1952 with a budget of only 50.00 dollars and s set of donated adult books. They worked with only one librarian and two volunteers. They had a diverse population of Irish, Italian, and Jewish people.
a. The library collection consists of 80,000 books and periodicals, video tapes, DVDs, and large print collections. The library is the only library in the region with the Journal news on microfilm. They also have 1,400 magazines in both print and electronic forms. They also have newspapers, CDs, CD-Roms, videos, computers, data toys, puppets, and programs. They are available in print and non-print formats.
a. Teachers make appointments and bring students to the library. Teachers can also send over assignments to the library so the librarians can get the materials ready ahead of time for when the students come.
b. They have 11 literacy volunteers, they provide English Language 1-on-1 to their culturally diverse populations which include people from many backgrounds. (Polish, Latin American, Asians, Albanians, and Afro-Americans. They have Scrabble for the Senior Center, middle art programs, computer classes, and several activity groups including computer classes, yoga, crafters, and needle work groups. They also have children groups such as story time and arts and crafts.
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