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A main discussion has recently emerged in the Britain about how policies and practices in relation to child protection amalgamate with and are supported by policies and practices that are apprehensive with family support and child welfare more generally. Increasingly it seems there is a great apprehension between the two and that this is posing major problems for policy makers, managers and practitioners in child welfare agencies.


For there is no hesitation that since its modern emergence as a social problem, child abuse has been subject to considerable media, public and political interest and discussion. It has been constructed as one of the major social problems of present times and perhaps the major priority for managers and practitioners in the child welfare field. Child protection work, by which we mean protection from risk of abuse, has become too centred on the occurrence or not of an abusive event and the likelihood of its recurrence.
Here one has to consider two scenarios. First scenario is that in the former, policy and practice would be driven by an emphasis on partnership, participation, prevention, family support and a positive rethink of the purposes and uses of care. The main concern would be on helping parents and children in the community in a supportive way and would keep notions of policing, surveillance and coercive interventions to a minimum. In effect Part III and Section 17 of the Act would drive policy and practice. The other scenario was that it would be priorities about child protection which would control-in effect Part V and Section 47 in particular, and concerns about the threshold for state intervention based on 'significant harm and the likelihood of significant harm'.
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