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Article example - Developing Management Skills

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Organizations can gain skills in two ways either by developing it through training and development or by hiring that is employing skilled people. This article sheds light to some organizations that have excellent skill development programs, and benchmarks these training programs to develop an integrated model…

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The two components can be integrated in numerous ways that are structures, policies, values and Training and development practices that are being followed in the organization.
Phase 2 that is the DO phase is all about selecting and implementing specific training programs and their content. The method of extracting the content for a training program is done from company's strategic objectives, culture, values and their decided skill needs. The most important training and development area is leadership training that is conducted by organizations through short courses. Mostly training and development resources are derived from inside of the organization and a minor amount is extracted from the outside environment.
Phase 3 is the Check phase, unfortunately this is the most ignored phase in most organizations but organizations that give importance to this phase have developed successful Training and development programs. This relates to evaluation of the training and development program that is currently running. The aspects evaluated are whether or not the desired results of the training program are being achieved. ...
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