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Family values.

I also believe that the non-existence of corporal punishment will enhance changes in my daughter, including social or other aspects in her life. Therefore, in my decision not to incorporate corporal punishment norms as a consequence of development within the boundaries of raising a child, there is always a necessity for me to systematize the procedure of teaching by example for my daughter. It is a known idea that teaching by example has an impact on behavior rather than the outputs of a child. But nevertheless, as an end-result of my efficient ideals on raising children, belief and acceptance of the holistic development of my daughter is always easy and worry-free.
On the other hand, I was raised in a family where corporal punishment existed and where I was rarely given a chance. In order to optimize my development, my parents always controlled my academic learning with great knowledge and effectiveness. However, I was seldom enabled to be participative in doing work-based choices to further improve my decision-making skills and capabilities. I can say that the inappropriately implemented and my dysfunctional participation within my family failed to improve my productivity. ...
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I am writing to you a letter to share to you my ideas with regards to the statement that, "Family values change as society changes. As a result, ideas about how children should be raised change." I have one teen-aged daughter and was raised in a family of six.
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