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Healthcare system

There are a number of health care systems within a nationality that may include the occupational safety and health, military medicine and school health services among many others. The health care systems have identified a number of goals to meet to ensure the health concerns of the population are met. Health systems seek to ensure good health among the people, to help the people to have a fair system of contributing their finances towards the system, and to increase the rate of responsiveness in order to meet the expectations of the beneficiaries of the system. To meet this goals therefore quality of service provided, the efficacy of the provision of these services, their acceptability among the people and their equity in dealing with the target population must be on the forefront of all the health systems.
England has adopted a health system known as The National Health Service (NHS) which has the mandate to provide healthcare for English nationals. ...
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The health of the people within a given nationality has always been one of the priorities of the governments across the world. A healthy nation means that the people will manage to work and create more wealth for the nation, killer diseases will be controlled, children will have the hope to see their adulthood and the sick will get proper medical care for their condition that will assist them get their healthy status back and contribute to nation building…
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