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Case Study example - Ethics Law and Change Management

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Case Study
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Apple is a company that is well known throughout the world. They have a long history of success but they have also had some true losses, including some of the competition they have had with computer companies. They have their own brand of ethics and they do not rate at the top of the scale for their ethics rules…

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On the average these companies create a product without knowing for sure what the product is going to be for, with no more than a vision. So far, they have not had a failure and have created millions of software jobs.
France has a totally different kind of legal system. It is not like any other legal system in the world. Their courts as well as their judicial system can be confusing and difficult to use. Fortunately France understands this though and provides advocates to help maneuver the system correctly. Corporations may find, however, that France is a difficult country to get started in though if popular, the reception is like no other.
Apple is a change company that stands up well to globalization. They are very popular throughout the world and are extremely popular in France. They will meet their problems but chances are pretty good that they will continue their climb in profitability and popularity, that is unless they let their ethics get in the way.
Kotter (1996) says it better than anyone, "major change is never successful unless the complacency level is low. Complacency must be virtually absent and there must be a do it now attitude." This is what the winning team looks like. ...
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