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Organizational Behavior Comparative Analysis

And its immense success can be attributed to its unusual model and people management style, which will be discussed in detail in this document (Doganis, 2002).
US Airways Airlines on the other hand is the fifth largest airline in the United States it merged with America West Airlines in 2005 but still retained its original name and culture. Even though it is a huge airline, its successes are nowhere near that of Southwest Airlines and in the following sections we will analyze the matter further (Doganis, 2002).
While its business strategy and ability to make quick and very flexible decisions are seen to be the strong points of Southwest Airlines, it is very important to note that the people management aspect of the organization has proven to be an equally big strength. To this end it is the ability of the organization to appropriately manage its extremely diverse workforce that has helped the organization to scale the heights of profitability and success that has eluded many other airlines and in this particular case US Airways Airlines as well.
At Southwest Airlines the organizations lays a huge emphasis on the employment of individuals from a variety of backgrounds such as ethnic minorities, individuals of color, individuals of different age groups and most importantly individuals with sp ...
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In this paper the author will carry out a comparative analysis of the organization behaviour in South West Airlines and US Airways and compare and contrast the business environment and also significant aspects of management and leadership that has lead to the many successes of South West airlines and the comparable failures of US Airways Airlines.
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