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Life Sketch

I know poverty, despair and suffering and what they do to a country as a whole and to the spirit of the people living through it. I vowed never again would I know such suffering. Since the day I arrived here I have worked very hard to get to where I am now. I have built a life for myself and my family. I am a full time student at ________________University working towards my Bachelors degree in _______________.I do not want pity or sympathy when I write these words. I am telling my story because I want you to understand it is not because of public assistance or handouts that I am where I am now, it is through my own hard work and determination.
I now have four beautiful children and have them to love, care for, protect and teach. One of the most important gifts I can impart on them is the belief in themselves that they can achieve whatever they are willing to work towards. I want them to see that they are only limited by the constraints they place on themselves. I want to be a living example to them of what hard work, desire and belief in one's self can accomplish. Since arriving here I have gained a good grasp of the English language. From my limited knowledge and meager beginnings, I am now fluent in both oral and written English. As I previously stated. I am enrolled in college on a full time basis. ...
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Having seen years of war and suffering in my native country I appreciate, maybe better than most, the value of hard work and the importance of education. I arrived here in the United States almost ten years ago from Somalia with nothing more than the clothes on my back…
Author : jhalvorson

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