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Freedom within Society

So it is really the males who allow for such gender bias The actual question that hangs is "Do men have more freedom than women that allows them to dominate" Unfortunately it is our society that has given more freedom to men than to women.
As we know, a society is built upon from its historic backgrounds and contains similar values and beliefs for a very long time. Our historic background unfortunately has held women in the background while men have always taken the center stage. The examples cited above are enough to remind us that women have been an oppressed segment of our society. Being physically weaker has left them good for lesser professions and, home and child rearing have become their most accepted professions. Mary Wollstonecraft a famous British philosopher and feminist went on to say that "The grand source of female folly and vice has ever appeared to me to arise from narrowness of mind; and the very constitution of civil governments has put almost insuperable obstacles in the way to prevent the cultivation of the female understanding" [4]. Bearing the emotional characteristic, have left them untrustworthy of emotion enduring jobs. They have been subjected to this stereotype from the very beginning and it is this same stereotype that women have to face in our present society. ...
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Ever since 'man' came into existence, it has been the males who have dominated the gender race in all walks of life. Education, Politics, Sports, Music etc they all have been dominated by men. When we talk about scientists, world leaders, economists, how many women comes to mind Certainly not enough for them to complete against the men force…
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