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Freedom within Society - Essay Example

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Ever since 'man' came into existence, it has been the males who have dominated the gender race in all walks of life. Education, Politics, Sports, Music etc they all have been dominated by men. When we talk about scientists, world leaders, economists, how many women comes to mind Certainly not enough for them to complete against the men force…
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Freedom within Society
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Freedom within Society

So it is really the males who allow for such gender bias The actual question that hangs is "Do men have more freedom than women that allows them to dominate" Unfortunately it is our society that has given more freedom to men than to women.
As we know, a society is built upon from its historic backgrounds and contains similar values and beliefs for a very long time. Our historic background unfortunately has held women in the background while men have always taken the center stage. The examples cited above are enough to remind us that women have been an oppressed segment of our society. Being physically weaker has left them good for lesser professions and, home and child rearing have become their most accepted professions. Mary Wollstonecraft a famous British philosopher and feminist went on to say that "The grand source of female folly and vice has ever appeared to me to arise from narrowness of mind; and the very constitution of civil governments has put almost insuperable obstacles in the way to prevent the cultivation of the female understanding" [4]. Bearing the emotional characteristic, have left them untrustworthy of emotion enduring jobs. They have been subjected to this stereotype from the very beginning and it is this same stereotype that women have to face in our present society. Many modern machines have helped beat some of the stereotypes especially of physically weaker as it now requires only a part of the masculine resources, and if the minimum demanded is not above the female's capacity, they can be considered as man's equal [1]. Efforts to escape this charade have been welcomed in most quarters but it will be many years until women can truly turn the tables on men.

What about the modern, high income countries compared with traditional low income nations: Are some of the world's people more free than others
A society consists of people from all walks of life. The rich, poor, young, old, working, non-working, colored, non-colored etc all are part of the society. And it takes its values and believes from the historic background. And unfortunately history has always had thing with 'power'. People who possess power have always controlled either by forcing or by charming the people with lesser power. Nations have fought to gain this power and many have been wiped off the face of the earth as a result. Each day people fight to take control over another. Violence is repeated day after day and yet there is no respite.
"So what actually is power" Power is the ability influencing others to change a belief. Through time, power has been associated with money, and this belief is justified. Money might not necessary bring happiness, but it is sure to bring power with it [3]. And this characteristic allures people to come and come again and reach out to the seductive nature of money. They believe that a higher income will beget power and the more power they can get, the more they will be able to influence others under their command. This is true for most of the wealthy nations. The third world countries fell compelled to buckle under the command of modern wealthy nations to meet their basic needs. This compulsion wipes out the notion of freedom from the third world countries. These traditional low income countries are either forced or influenced to take command from their ... Read More
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However, many scholars define freedom as the exercise of ones whishes and actions without restriction. In this definition, culture influences the manner in which people exercise their freedom by forming general rules and directions whether consciously or unconsciously through which external pressures exert control.
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As a result the clamor and demands for “individuality” is causing researchers and social scientists to re-examine the layers of the human social experience and how it relates to society’s current structure. Personal Freedom a relatively “new” invention is a phrase that has the preconceived attributes of rights, liberty, “freedom,” and social mobility.
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Thus, Americans see freedom as the most essential ingredient in human life, both socially and politically. Tracing the American history of freedom, it can be seen that while the white Americans have faced problems in America under British colonization, Black Americans remained imprisoned in the name of slavery, denied of all rights.
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Economic Freedom in Industrial Society:
The Gilded Age is one of the major periods of massive growth which influenced millions from the European continent. During that era, railroads were considered as the key industrial sector, however, mining, manufacturing plant as well as labor unions also gained substantial values during those decades.
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Technology and its effect on human freedom and happiness in society
Life expectancy rose. The productivity thrives, following the World War II, made commodities better and inexpensive simultaneously. Things, which were once luxuries, like long-distance telephone calls and jet travel, became necessities. Although Americans appeared to work astonishingly hard, their enthusiastic quest of entertainment converted leisure and media into multibillion-dollar businesses.
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Can socialism be achieved within a capitalist society
Socialists are opposed to the existing inequalities that favour the wealthy. As such, the government acquires control of capital and encourages her citizens to work collectively for the betterment of the whole society. In a capitalist society, private ownership of factories and land allows profit maximization to thrive.
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Freedom in Colonial American Society
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Words are, after all, are symbols of ideas for the use of language and communication. Thusly, the meaning and idea of freedom is complex and can be applied to many manifestations of such ideas. According to the most recent edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, freedom is defined as "the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action or the liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another." The secondary definition was that of being a political or legal right.
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The author of the text provides some ideas that describe the notion of freedom from different sides. For example, Carl Marx states that freedom is blended the community and cannot be enjoyed individually unless the whole community has freedom. However, common citizens do not have individual liberty unless they are in the ruling class.
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Are we free within society

The conclusion from this review states that people are forced to perceive or do things the way the society demands but not the way they feel. If at all the society could be free then there could be no trouble doing things that were done at the beginning of civilization or conforming to things that they feel is not right or had been set by others.

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