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Designing Clinical Research

As it is indicated these journal entries are records of ongoing events, and in as far as my journal is concerned, this will not only reflect the account of my activities, these will also include my emotions and beliefs, records of my personal interactions, my interpretations of information and academic reading, and I hope my beliefs on these topics will be reflected in these journal entries.
Conceptually, if there would have been no problems or questions, there would have been no need for research. This means for every research there would be an inquiry, which is an attempt to confirm existing knowledge or seek new knowledge grounded on the old one. Seeking knowledge in different forms is human nature. Of course there will always be some people who will accept any information without question. However, some will ask questions to express disbelief, show discontent, corroborate information, or to seek new knowledge. This is only possible if people question the existing, not satisfied with the existing. Polit and Beck (2007) referred research to be a systematic inquiry. This means if one desires to question something systematically, he has also responsibility to frame a disciplined method to corroborate or refute information or findings. ...
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This journal entry is documentation of my learning and analysis of knowledge about the basics of research. This will largely be my reflections on the learning of classroom modules, so a critical analysis of the information about these can generate sustained knowledge, comprehension, and learning in this area…
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