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Managing in HR

Training is the second most significant element of human resource at Starbucks' that provides the company with a competitive advantage in the retail business. The company has a team of experts for the training sessions, whose main job is to nurture the business and improve the customer service by providing the employees with the knowledge and skills they would need at the job for performing it effectively. Raymond, A.Noe (1999, pp.3-4) suggests that, 'The goal of training is for employees to master the knowledge, skill and behaviors emphasized in training program and to apply them to their day-to-day activities.' The company trains the new employees from so many different aspects but the most important amongst them are the three basic interpersonal skills which involve maintaining and enhancing self-esteem, listen and acknowledge and ask for help. Armstrong (1992) views that, 'HRD as focused training and development for all employees which responds to individual and organizational requirements by improving performance and understanding.'
The managers and other non-frontline employees are trained for a longer period with different type because effective leadership is quite critical for building good quality teams and stronger organization. ...
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Starting with the first key element that is selection, the goal of recruitment and selection is to obtain best workforce at a minimum cost. The company showed its full confidence on the employees to create companies' image and with this strategy it makes them distinctive from its competitors…
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