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Hong Kong Hotel Industry

If we are to compare this with China, Most of the hotels there are operating on an approach that is friendly to the environment. Most of the hotels there prefer to operate on traditional basis in which they are somewhat using primitive gadgets and the likes which lessens the use of energy while delivering the same output they want to see. This paper aims to find out if environment friendly practices can affect the economic performance in Hotel industries in Hong Kong. This paper also want to establish that if in Mainland China and some places in Asia, the practice of environment-friendly Hotel industries is possible, then it is not impossible that Hong Kong can adopt that certain method. Also this will also tackle on why Hong Kong needs to adopt environment friendly practices to uplift the revenues of the aforementioned industries and why is it important to adopt these schemes.
This paper will focus on the importance of adopting the environment-friendly practices of the company to ensure the economic performance of the Hotel industries in Hong Kong. ...
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We all know that Hong Kong is one of the major tourist spots not only in Asia but also in the world. Since it was colonized by Britain, this place somehow showed a remarkable growth in industrialization in which investments from different countries came. It also distinguished itself as more ahead from China with the way their trade and commerce goes…
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