Bulling in the public schools and the laws that protect students and teachers.

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In this paper, bullying and myths are first presented. The problem in focus is bullying, and such myths have perpetrated the problem instead of solving them. Such myths persist because of people not really knowing the research findings. Two case studies of bullied victims are included in order to intensify the claim that bullying is a problem, and its negative consequences could last as long as life.


Bullying is repeated attacks - physical, psychological, social or verbal - by those in a position of power, which is formally or situational defined, on those who are powerless to resist, with the intention of causing distress for their own gain or gratification. (p. 4, as cited in Ma & Mah, 2001)
Bullying is a problem that any child, especially those with disabilities, will have to deal with. Parents and teachers alike are also faced with the problems of providing children with a safe, secure environment by which they can learn. Without such protection, the child may suffer lifelong social disabilities and perpetually low self-esteem. People at the US Department of Education have committed themselves to fighting bullying, even though they admit that the government cannot do everything in this effort. (Price, 2004)
As far as the public is concerned, how can they be protected from the harmful effects of bullying In particular, what are the legal remedies by which students and teachers could invoke in order to have meaningful learning at school This paper will attempt to answer these questions, although there are far m ...
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