Assisted Suicides Paper

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The average life expectancy of Americans is increasing due to the better nutrition and emphasis on the improved healthcare. People are able to live longer and be healthier; however, despite of all advances, the number of people suffering pain because of diseases who do not want to live in increases as well.


The debates over the right of patients to shorten their lives with the help of physicians will continue and there is probably no right or wrong side.
Assisted suicide is a crime because it involves the death of the person who would live otherwise. Not a single person should be eligible to take away the life of another person, even though this other person is not willing to live. Drugs and medical devices are development to be safe and effective - the intended usage of drugs is to help patients to overcome diseases. Nevertheless, patients who physical and emotional pain caused by the diseases that cannot be cured, do not want to suffer and should be granted the right to stop their sufferings. For example, if the patient is unconscious and there is no hope that the condition will ever improve, the relatives might want to make a decision to stop his/her life. From the religious point of view, any assistance in this direction is a murder. From medical point of view, assisted suicide is wrong as well - the objective of healthcare is to make people healthier, not to kill them. However, from ethical standpoint, it is almost impossible to label assisted suicide as murder or as a good deed because the rights and obligations of each side need to be taken into account.
Moreover, the competent people should have the right to choose death - ...
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