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Should Texting Be Ban During Driving

According to a CBS News correspondent Kelly (2009), the issue of mobile phone usage while driving has been a heated one over the time. In the United States, a split over the cell phone policy became evident when the Republican Senator Wagner, D-Chopee and the chair of the committee, Steven Baddour proposed to have a bill (H 3354), aimed at regulating cell phone usage within a car, with lawmakers and advocates terming the practice as the "new drunk driving." He also stated that all states needed to emulate the six States that have banned cell phone usage while driving, i.e. New Jersey, New York, California, Connecticut, Washington and Utah. This is not to mention the thirteen States that have completely banned text messaging for all drivers, i.e. Arkansas, Alaska, Colorado, California, Louisiana, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Minnesota, Utah, Tennessee, Washington and Virginia. (Kelly Cobiella, June 11, 2009)
Jackson (2008) commented, "The American Insurance Association's members are responsible for handling 20% of the bay State auto insurance market". The association has declared that it supports the bills seeking to ban text messaging while driving, using an earpiece or speakerphone on a mobile phone, as well as banning of any use of any mobile phone for drivers under the age of 18 years. ...
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With the coming up of technological advancements, texting has become one of the leading means of communications across the globe. Texting, also known as text messaging, refers to the exchange of brief written messages between mobile phones, over cellular networks, mostly using the short message services (SMS), images, video and sound contents…
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