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Essay example - Violence in the Workplace

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A workplace is often viewed with reverence: it is supposed to be a place where people fulfill their aspirations, earn loads of moolah and create a social standing for themselves in society. These thoughts might soon be a thing of the past. With changing lifestyles, penetration of TV and internet and sensationalization of news by media channels, violence has become a way of life; even in the least expected areas of life…

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In 2008, Roy observed that workplace violence was assuming great importance for modern businesses. Quoting the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, he observes that on an average working day, 3 people are murdered on the job, 1000000 workers are assaulted and more than 1,000 are murdered every year in the U.S. According to the Labor Department, killing at the work place is the second major contributor to death on the job after road accidents. Statistics show that 111,000 incidents of work-place violence cost employers and others an estimated 6.2 million in 1992.
With the issue of violence at the workplace gaining higher attention, many state bodies are coming together to combat this social threat. The 9/11 attacks gave a completely new perspective to violence at the workplace. The incident made the world wake up to the fact that a threat need not be limited to workers only, but could also be in the form of terrorists attacks from outside the workplace. ...
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