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Dissertation progress report

One may assume that the topic that I have chosen for undertaking research studies is a pretty simple one and that anyone could simply refer a few editorials in the newspapers and journals and come up with the requisite dissertation. In fact, I strongly believed that this was a good way to conduct my research as I had access to excellent library and archive facilities in the University in addition to being under the able guidance of my supervisors, who have always been extremely supportive and understanding at all times and have acted as true guides at all times.
But, as the rest of this report will go to show, I am of the firm belief that opinions and the actual facts will never be highlighted in either newspapers or journals. I have strongly understood over the years that the facts and information presented in the newspapers are merely the opinions of the writers, at least in a majority of whatever gets printed in the form of articles and that the real facts are largely subdued or remain unheard. Therefore, I felt the need that something concrete had to be done in order to get to the real facts and upon analysis, I came to the conclusion that rather than rely solely on literary sources, it would be better for me to get to the people who have been feeling this hatred against the west. ...
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In the last 6 months, I have witnessed a change in my professional life. The change has been so immense that it has transformed my view of the world and has motivated me to proceed in quest for knowing more about the task that i have set out to accomplish as part of my research studies…
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