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Burkes Key Ideas in Shelleys Work - Essay Example

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Burkes Key Ideas in Shelleys Work

Similarly pleasure is something, which can be created from void, which can felt by its own origin or by the serenity of observing and sensing small and delicate joys. Pain can be visualized as it exists from 'nothing' but infinity. That infinity which resides deep inside human soul, and can only be felt by going through different channels of exploration, these channels actually reside within human existence and it is only possible to activate these channels, if one is aware how it feels to investigate things. How to feel fear, how to feel pain, and similarly how to overcome pain with pleasure. This obscurity can be identified in P.B. Shelley's work as it is the human mind, which creates obscurity, which creates and even beautifies its creation, sometimes in small and tiny things, those things that are often assumed as 'meaningless' to the world, might be of great importance to someone's imagination. It is actually what one perceives, how he perceives and in which way he perceives Therefore, the vastness lies not in the nature, as a matter of fact the nature is still, possess some kind of serenity, but it lies within the limitations we set to our imagination. To some people nature has its own language, own way of conveying messages. Messages that can be understood not by everyone, but only those who know the way of feeling things, things that bring small joys, small delicacies with small breezes of tranquility. It is the silence of the nature, which can be felt, vastness lies within us, within our perception. Shelley has used the word 'dark' and 'glittering', so the abstract is our imagination, which leads to our approach in identification. It is the imaginative dilemma through which we can judge the degree of obscurity of our human nature. Our nature when compared to the 'landscape' reveals many hidden aspects to us. Like, the natural beauty or we can say the natural landscapes, is austere to human. It entirely depends upon us to how we take perception of it. Either we feel it obscure, beautiful or we feel a painful experience. If we regard it as beautiful, to what extent we are skeptical about it, and how we are affected physically by the nature of its awesomeness.
To Burke the concept of 'sublime' is the most powerful and effective degree of human experience, which can be felt by the natural factors of fear, pain and joy. A particular feeling of passion, which is caused by the sublime, leads human towards darkness or light. These conditions always exist in their true forms; they are pure without any obstacles of external environmental factors. Their purity can be assessed by the fact as to what extent they occupy the mind when they are present in any form. The same influence can be seen in Shelley's 'Mont Blanc' part 2 as
'My own, my human mind, which passively
Now renders and receives fast influencings,
Holding an unremitting interchange
With the clear universe of things around;'
-Percy Bysshe Shelley
So, the influences when intercept themselves with clarity or obscurity, they have a strong influence on human mind or a strong hold on human mind. That influence can be seen in its highest form in the presence of pain or fear. Pain is more influential than ...Show more


Edmund Burke's A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful is an abstract view of the human experiences relating to art. His magnum opus reveals the true identity of human feelings enclosed in the breadth of human perception, which are reflected in the form of imagination…
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Burkes Key Ideas in Shelleys Work essay example
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