Plymouth Plantation Essay

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Looking east it doesn't seem any change since 1620. The author of the book Mayflower, Nathaniel Philbrick describes the American history covered in mythology and romantic fantasy and calls it as restorative myth of national origins. The Mayflower, Plymouth Rock was the first Thanksgiving that tells about the pilgrim settlement of New England.


The book describes the first Thanksgiving and about the brave pilgrims who were in search of religious liberty. The description of Mayflower is a new kind of telling a story that goes up through King Philip's War in 1675-76. The bloody war was fought between the English and the Native Americans that resulted in the death of hundreds of English and thousands of Native Americans. The Native Americans were the Indians and most of them were killed and the remaining were starved to death or deported or sold as slaves. After the war independence of native New England was broken.
The next 250 years was repetition of the history between the English (white Americans too) and the Native Americans. The Indians weren't in a mood to accept the new visitors or the white Americans. As the number of white settlements increased the insecurity among the Indians also increased.
Each day passing the whites were moving closer to the natives and were more powerful than the Indians. The whites were growing in number and stature. Since the two sides need different things and respect different values, grievances build up. They weren't in a mood to understand each other and stopped trying to understand each other's values, the result was bloodshed and finally the Indians lose. ...
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