Lesson Plan on Reading Comprehension

High school
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This lesson plan has been constructed for English Language Learners to enhance their reading comprehension skills.The reading and comprehension exercises will,besides sharpening their reading capabilities, nrich their vocabulary


Assessment of their reading comprehension will be done on the basis of their ability to answer simple questions and use key vocabulary words to construct sentences on their own.The Tortoise looked up and said quietly, "I notice that you are very conceited. Why not prove yourself as the fastest runner Let us race up to the foot of that hill." He pointed at a hill at a distance.The Hare found it very comical to be challenged to race by a Tortoise but accepted the challenge. He sneered at the Tortoise and said, "Oh! I could cover the distance ten times before you could even manage to plod up there."So the race began. The Hare darted away immediately. He soon reached a tree on the way and stopped to look back. The Tortoise was nowhere in sight. It was cool beneath the tree and the Hare was a little out of breath. Besides, he thought, it would take ages for the Tortoise to reach the tree. So he decided to rest awhile. Soon he dozed off to sleep. Meanwhile the Tortoise plodded on and on and on till slowly he came up to the tree where the Hare still slept. He glanced at the Hare, smiled, and moved on without stopping. He had almost reached the goal when the Hare woke up. The Hare saw that the tortoise was far ahead of him and had almost reached the hill. ...
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