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Essay example - Consumer Protection and the Criminal Law

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When contemplating whether victims of crime should have enforceable rights to ensure that their needs are met as well as to enable them to participate more actively in the criminal justice process, the framework decision the standing of victims in criminal proceedings (2001) as well the notion of restorative justice comes to mind…

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, the plaintiff is not the actual crime victim; it is the European Union State in which the individual resides. According to the Framework Decision 2001-Standing of Victims in Criminal Proceeding, it is the responsibility of the member states to assure that the victims who wish to be informed throughout the course of the judicial process be informed. The scope of the information provided includes information on the outcome of the judicial proceeding, information necessary to maintain the security of the victims and their families, information regarding the sentence as well as the necessary services available to help the victim (Legislation Online, 2004). The Standing represented a starting point in the treatment of crime victims but it was necessary to supplement those findings. The supplementation came in the form of the 2006 recommendations. The recommendations operated with the aim of updating the standards since the laws have changed, preventing re-victimization and offering clear an concise guidelines aimed at ensuring that the member States treat the victims in accordance with the laws (European Committee on Crime Problems, 2006).
In addition to the standing of victims in criminal proceedings the notion of restorative justice looms large. ...
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