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Morrie Schwartz - Essay Example

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Ted Koppel conducted a series of interviews with Morrie Schwartz and they were released by ABC on a video titled Lessons on Living. Both Koppel and Schwartz are extraordinary individuals and Koppel's last episode as host of NightLine in November of 2005 was a retrospective of Schwartz who had lost his battle with Lou Gehrig's disease by then…

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Morrie Schwartz

(ABC News)
Schwartz relayed an important message during the interviews. H e conveyed to the viewers that it was not bad to die, he felt an individual had to confront their death and embrace it just as they had their life. Morrie's message was to choose how you want to confront your death, and do not let go of that--comes through repeatedly in everything Schwartz says and does. Consistently cheerful, remarkably clear, and mentally strong, Schwartz touches with his special view of the world. (ABC News)
During the lithe three interviews with Koppel, it becomes obvious that Schwartz is becoming progressively more ill, he provides uplifting messages and they are positive in this respect. The interviews are meaningful and provide a positive message for the viewer. There is good rapport between Schwartz and Koppel during t he interviews and it is obvious that they are fond of each other and have mutual respect for one another as well.
During the interviews, Morrie shared information about his physical condition. He was very frank about what was happening to his body and the two spoke about Morrie's illness in a comfortable manner as if they were old friends. ...
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