Michael Milken

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Interviewer: Michael Robert Milken describes himself as a philanthropist and a financier. You might not recognize this as the same man daubed the 'Junk Bond King' who was hauled off to prison for white collar crimes less than 20 years ago.
In 1989, the government charged him with securities/reporting violations in a case that continues to engender controversy.


Immediately after paying this debt, he resumed his lifelong philanthropic activities. Milken has promised that he will someday write his side of the controversy; but for now he feels it's less productive to focus on the past than to be involved in supporting the effort to accelerate medical solutions.
Interviewer: Michael, that paragraph quoted from your website seems to imply that you don't believe you did anything wrong, that it was all a vast conspiracy to bring you down. Since you don't believe what you did was wrong, could you tell us whether you would do it again provided you didn't get caught
MM: Ohh, that's a loaded question. First off let me point out that I violated the law and I was fined and I was imprisoned for almost 2 years of my life. So yes, what I did violated the law. There is a wider question though, and that is, how do we define what is wrong And I think that's the point being made on the website. The fact is I'm the only person in the history of that legislation to be prosecuted under it. And though I know I'm a fairly unique guy, I don't for one minute believe that I'm the only person who has violated that legislation. ...
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