Personality inventories

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The personality inventories are applied in assessing the traits which can influence a person's behavior towards work and in the workplace. Personal inventories contend that personality is composed of several factors, which influence the way individuals respond or behave given situations.


uestions can be answered in a variety of ways designed so that the respondent's instinctive response would be the indicator of how they are most likely to respond to a situation, 8) answering truthfully will give the best profile for the respondent's personality (UNSW, 2003).
The Big Five Theory was developed by Costa and McCrae (1988). The five components are used to assess personality traits. The five factors include: Extroversion, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, Openness to Experience, and Neuroticism. Since they are considered as relatively stable traits, they are used to described variances in human personality. Extroversion measures the volition to seek the company of others and outside stimulation. This factor deals with social skills, how a person relates with other people, confidence in society, assertiveness, empathy towards others and warmth. Conscientiousness demonstrates the desire to achieve, self-discipline, and responsibility. ...
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