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Hospitality Service Operations Management

The strategy to be employed include external analysis (this assess the clients, the marketplace, and competition) self analysis (this is the evaluation of business performance) strategy identification (this covers product strategies like product profile, target, and position) there is also an aspect of functional strategy which is basically differentiation. Strategy selection is the last stage that includes real scenario with core competencies in play (Knowles et al 2004). The following are very critical components of marketing that were addressed before real implementation of the plan; strategic objective (market share and profitability), customers (products position and market segment), and strategic focus.
The corporate market has been very tricky for Sunshine Hotel. This is indicated by the competitor sales report. This hotel is operating at average capital in relation to other hotels. Promotion - The marketing style adopted by hospitality Service Company was direct selling where advertisements were made through the media, fliers and mailing. Product- were packaged strategically so that clients could get packaged brands of services like transport accommodation and entertainment in one package. ...
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Operations management will ensure that the process of producing goods and services is efficient. Operations management affects every aspect of the business including management of purchases, quality control, evaluations, control of inventory and storage. For hospitality service management report, a considerable measurement and evaluation of internal process will be done ultimately depending on nature of services.
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