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Essay example - The Difference between Republic and Democratic Party

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It is incorrect to suggest that all Democrats share the same beliefs or that there are no factions within the Republican Party. In general, Democrats are more liberal in that they favor progressive change in society, freedoms from government intervention into one's private and social life, and regulations on economic activity and businesses…

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For instance, people - or both parties and political ideologies - in the American South tend to be more conservative, while their neighbors in the Northeast and West Coast are typically more liberal. Also, not everyone adheres to the principles of the two major parties and there are several minor or "third parties" in the United States, although they rarely get their candidates elected (Remini 35-43).
Below are some issues that are frequently discussed by the news media and politicians. Every four years during a presidential election, both major parties convene at a national convention and draft a platform, which is an agenda for the next four years and spells out their positions on the issues of the day. The current party platforms reveal the parties' positions on the following controversial issues:
2. Democrats' opinion is that flag burning is political speech and is protected by the Constitution; Republicans oppose them and claim that the flag is protected from burning by a constitutional amendment
4. According to the Democrats' platform they are in favor of strong regulations to protect the environment. Republicans look at this problem from economic point of view: "strong environmental laws harm the economy", they say.
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