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Introduction; Vision, Mission, and Stakeholders - Case Study Example

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Author : randybergnaum


Starbucks started as a small cafe in 1971 at a downtown Seattle market by three coffee drinkers. The hiring f Howard Schultz in 1982, and his subsequent trip to the coffee shops f Italy began the transformation f Starbucks from corner coffee shop and wholesaler to corporate success story…

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Introduction; Vision, Mission, and Stakeholders

A few years later Shultz bought the founders out and in 1992, Starbucks had grown to 150 stores across the Northwest and Midwest. Shultz took the company public raising over 25 million dollars.
Starbucks' success was built on two things - the store experience (Starbucks' image) and the quality f its product. It really is a better cup f coffee the first one is so sacred that on Starbucks employees initiative the chain even prohibited smoking in its stores in Vienna, where cigarettes and coffee are inseparable, because Starbucks doesn't want anything to interfere with the seductive scent f fresh-brewed espresso. That's why top-management f Starbucks deeply believed that employees make the store that they work in. A Starbucks employee needed to be very knowledgeable, communicative, and helpful to the customers. Customers need to know the difference in the new roasted coffee Starbucks will offer. Well-educated employees will surely handle this requirement. Starbucks need to use powerful cultural motivations to drive the identification f opportunities. (Rae 2006)
In Starbucks all employees are called "partners," signaling a level f responsibility maintained by few companies with sales in the billions f dollars. Anyone who has an idea uses a one-page form to pass it to the senior executive team--and gets a response. ...
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