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Non-verbal Communication in Human Interaction

The first example of dyadic interaction involves an American man and an American woman having late lunch in a posh Italian restaurant. It was around 1:30 in a hot and sunny afternoon. The woman, who is in her late twenties, was in semi-business attire with the blazer taken off, her hair freely hanging past her shoulders, and with an obviously well-cared for skin probably by a dermatologist. She appeared to be a regular working-class woman, with perhaps extra funds for regular visits to a dermatologist. She was not wearing any jewelry aside from the dress watch on her left wrist. The man, also in a business suit, was in his late sixties. His hair was exquisitely slicked back and his jewelry spoke of wealth. He was driving a latest edition, bottle-green Jaguar before he came inside the restaurant. The woman arrived a few minutes before him in a cab. The man, unlike the woman, kept the blazer of his suit on. It seems that he seldom walks out in the streets and probably just stays in his well air-conditioned office since the hot weather did not appear to affect him. They immediately ordered food.
While the two were talking, they smile constantly at each other, and their gazes are intent on one another. ...
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Interpersonal communication researchers have determined that the attitudinal meaning of every message comes from confounding 93 percent non-verbal cues and merely 7 percent words. In this research, two dyadic interactions were observed and given interpretations based on Albert Mehrabian's three dimensions: immediacy, status or potency, and responsiveness…
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