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After carefully monitoring the Arabic news channels and talk shows that were discussing your speech, I found out that people are really charmed by your speech and your personality. I hear people saying, "We envy the Americans for having such a person to lead them." I am and was always proud to be an American.


The statement "Obama, we love you" was shouted three times while you were giving the speech. You received over thirty rounds of applause and a standing ovation at the end of your speech, a show of appreciation of and acceptance for you and your speech from a large swath of people. Your audience included religious leaders like the grand Imam of al-Azhar and Pope Shenouda III, scholars, politicians, actors, civil organizations, non-governmental leaders, and people that have influence over many people. Also, you had college students and youth in the audience, the people who will lead and shape the future of this region of the world, and they all liked what you were bringing to them.
I was not sure that it was possible for us to make those people like and understand us after what they saw from the previous Administration. For eight years, they received continuous messages from Washington that we (the Americans) are against them (the Muslim and Arab world). They received the message that they (the Americans) are against us so there is no way that we can get together and work together against common enemies. The previous Administration acted and used terminologies that made us look like we (the Americans) are in a religious war against the Arab world and against Islam. The previous Administration sent a message that anybody who was not with us in our "Crusade" in the war on terror is against us. ...
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