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A girl named Maria

It has been believed that certain individuals have specific roles to play in society. During the ancient times, males were already considered as the providers and protectors of their families and their tribes. Females had the role of taking care of the children and the home.Patriarchy, which was the setup during the olden days up until centuries ago, is the sociological condition wherein the males are considered to be more dominant than the females. More often than not, in this particular type of social setup, males are those in positions of power and enjoy more rights than the females. The society is said to be reigned by either a single male or a group of males. Females, including children, as a result of this type of social organization, are then forced to assume subordinate roles.In Latin America, the culture has been influenced by several other cultures, mainly by the Europeans and the Africans. Nonetheless, just like any other society and culture, which have the tendency to evolve through time, patriarchy in Latin America has already experienced a decline, giving females much more power and responsibility, somehow offering them a more solid stand as to their place in society.On the other hand, another pressing issue worldwide, which also takes place in Maria's story, is political corruption. In its very sense, political corruption is the improper use of government or political power, usually for personal gain. No form of government is safe from corruption. ...
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It has been believed that certain individuals have specific roles to play in society. During the ancient times, males were already considered as the providers and protectors of their families and their tribes. …
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