Employee Training and Development at Abbott

Case Study
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Abbott's "Promise for Life" states what they believe in and what they value and what they deliver in their day to day work for their customers, communities and stakeholders. Its promise acts as compass for the employees at Abbott guiding their actions at higher level to day- to day activities in every area of work.


Abbott has received numerous local, national and international distinctions for its commitment to workplace excellence.
Abbott has been named one of the best places to work in the world. It has received many awards for its unique performance and its concern and care for its workforce safety, growth and development and success and excellence. The present study covers some of the important areas in employee training and development that have made it a distinct company.
Strategic training is directly linked with the business strategy of a company. It begins with identifying the business strategy. Then strategic training and development initiatives that support the strategy are selected and these are translated into concrete training and development activities. The final step involves identifying measures or metrics. These metrics are used to determine if training helped contribute to goals related to business strategy. (Noe. 2008)
As Raymond Noe rightly points out, the company's mission, vision, values and goals help to determine the strategy. The mission is the company's reason for existing. The vision is the picture of what company does in the future and what it wants to achieve. Values are what the company stands for.
SWOT analysis really helps a company to identify its strengths and weakness and an analysis of its operating environment to id ...
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