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Bus System Poor Performance - Essay Example


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Bus System Poor Performance

The informal networking consists of getting together the influential city employees to manage the public till the time the bus system is made efficient.

Each network can appropriately impact the outcome. The procurement of new equipments in the maintenance department will galvanize this department to do better. The engagement of qualified mechanics will improve transportation services. The improved service is bound to bring in more revenues to meet the additional costs. There is need for good coordination and teamwork to make the venture successful.

The informal organization is not working properly. The dim view of the public about the bus system proves that the informal organization is in poor shape. The need exists for accountability. Absence of new equipment and qualified mechanics is not the concern of the informal organization. The major players are Fred Cox, the in charge of all transportation services, Paul Whitney, in charge of the municipal airport, and Randi Schulman, head of city roads and maintenance.

Informal groups have limited roles. They can avail of the bus system. They can with some patience wait for the bus system to improve. In the ultimate analysis, they can pressurize the system for results.

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The disquiet in the city manager's office is the result of poor performance of the bus system in the city. The reason offered by the city manager that the lack of new equipment in the maintenance department and the difficulty of hiring qualified mechanics temporarily saved the situation for him…
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Bus System Poor Performance essay example
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