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Gay Marriage and American Family

American manhood was symbolized as marketplace manhood with no time for family but engaged in business outside the home, he was restless, agitated, with power over other gender. (Kimmel 135).
Homophobia is believed to be a byproduct of fear, the great secret of American manhood is [they] are afraid of other men, specifically to be identified as gays or be humiliated according to Kimmel (136). Homosexuality is considered by most Psychologists as mental disorder and therefore must be treated well. It has been part of the history since the early civilization but emerged lately after freedom was embraced by America in early 20th century. The emerging democracy in the late American period of economic development, many uprising had occurred that led to what America is now. The first would be the Feminist Group and later the Gay Movement. Accordingly, these movements have existed out of male dominance in the society, since American people yearn for freedom and liberty from bondage of inequality.
Historically, homosexuality had been mentioned in the earliest community of Sodom and Gomorrah of the Bible; as the story goes, in that particular chapter of Genesis, an angel in the guise of men appeared to Lot, when the people learned about them, they wanted to have sex with these angelic men both young and old. ...
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Gay marriage is such a big issue and a big threat to American culture since it destroys the traditional concept of marriage. Traditionally, Americans are conservatives, the father being the head of the family, provides what his family needs both material and spiritual needs…
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