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Essay example - Cyber Healths business operation

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Cyber Health's business operation is focused on delivering an intangible product. The company's educational system is based on using digital experience in the provision of knowledge to students. In a service firm like Cyber Health, the satisfaction of a customer encompasses all his experiences while he is within the premises of the company and all his contact with service providers…

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It should be noted that the institution's students directly interact with the programmed med teach agents in the website. Thus, making some features in the website customizable by each student is a key where Cyber Health can enhance the experience of the customer as well as enable them to create a learning environment which is more enjoyable and can better serve them well. Some of the interactive marketing benchmarks that Cyber Health can incorporate in are customizable website designs, online instant messaging, and a personalized webpage for the student.
Every student of Cyber Health should be able to personalize the website design of the learning environment. It is irrefutable that every individual has his or own favourite colour and prefers a font from another. Furthermore, permitting an individual to customize the layout and template of the website of Cyber Health can further the institutions goal of providing more comfort and convenience to the students. It is recommended that when a student log on, he or she will be redirected to the website with his or her preferred website layout, colour, design, and font.
In Cyber Health's quest to provide quality education to its customers, the company should provide an instant messaging system which allows the student to ask questions which ...
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