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Take a virtual tour of St. Peter's basilica in Rome, then go on to Versailles outside of Paris, and lastly visit Hampton Court in England. Describe how these buildings reflect Baroque characteristics What do the design and ornamentation of each buildi - Essay Example

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The basilica of St. Peter in Rome is constructed between a cobble-stoned and horse-shoe shaped pizzazz. It has been designed by famous architects ranging from Bernini to Michelangelo. It began its construction in 1506 under the papacy of Julius II. It is in itself an entire building devoted to the worship and glory of God…

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Take a virtual tour of St. Peter's basilica in Rome, then go on to Versailles outside of Paris, and lastly visit Hampton Court in England. Describe how these buildings reflect Baroque characteristics What do the design and ornamentation of each buildi

The central and side naves are packed with altars, monuments to the Popes, statues of the founders and delicate mosaics. However, there is one part of the architectural form which surpasses all other aspects of the building and adds magnificence to the entire structure. This is created by the apse which is the dominant feature of the work done inside this building. It is the colossal papal altar of Saint Peter in Glory which is crowned by a exceedingly dramatic gild bronze canopy (Lees-Milne 1967). This is to be considered a masterpiece of Baroque energy by the famous Bernini. It was designed to create a holy space above and around the table upon which the Sacrament was laid. The four huge columns were made of bronze twisted and decorated with olive leaves and bees as an emblem to Pope Urban. Showcases with twisted columns were created to show the precious relics of the Basilica such as the spear of Longinus which was said to have pierced the Christ's side.
French Baroque did not follow the same deigns as did its Italian counterparts. This was evident when Louis XIV held the opinion that the Baroque as it was practiced in Italy was not in French taste. He proved it by rejected Bernini's famous proposal for redesigning the Louvre. ...
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