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Do you agree with Dave Eggers that community service should be required for college students Why or why not

As the saying goes, "get the leader and the masses will follow".
I personally agree with Dave Eggers community development strategy, as it will not only benefit the community and the students but the nation as a whole. Students are like droplets of water and when gathered together to perform useful community activities they can be compared to enriching the ocean that surrounds them. These droplets should be used to enrich the community, for example even with a modest 9 hours a year requirement (the equivalent of less than two mornings a year), America would gain 54 million volunteer hours to invigorate the nation's nonprofit organizations such as churches, environment protection groups and college outreach programs; if the community service requirement is made compulsory for all private colleges. In other words, American is wasting 54 million precious volunteer hours a year.
The next question to be answered is; would if the college students would like serve the community That is said to be the million dollar question, as they say, "you can take the horse to the water, but can't make it drink". I agree with this quote, but this statement is only true when the horse isn't thirsty. ...
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Is Dave Eggers right to propose that college students be forced into community service It's common knowledge that forced community service is normally reserved for criminals. This is a psychological, cultural as well as a legal concept. As an introductory strategy, to get rid of this stigma it is important to do a pilot test in the Ivy League Colleges…
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