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Media: Shaping values and practices of contemporary societies

Forms. There are different forms of media including analog and digital media, which are both equally prominent in the lives of people around the world. Media is understood to include the radio, film, television, video, newspapers, magazines, radio, films, compact discs, current affairs programs and advertising - all of which are considered in relation to media audiences. In the rise of technology, the Internet has highly become an addition to these media.
Media may inform us and alert us about current events and other important information. However, media may conceal deception. This indicates that although media is intended for something positive as in providing unbiased data to the public, it can be unreliable at times. When a medium is intentionally partial to one side or deletes some details of a story, the intention of that medium is dubious. On this score, media can shape values and practices in contemporary societies positively or negatively. This significant role of media can best be understood not only in relation to our daily lives but also within the context of larger social forces such as the economy, politics and technological development (Alexander & Hanson, 1999).
Characteristics. One way to understand media is to look at its certain qualities that must be taken into consideration as either positive or negative. ...
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The dictionary defines media as a means of communication most useful to deliver information to the masses locally and internationally. There are many things media has to offer, but since media is found to be able to influence the decisions, actions, and opinions of each and every single person, it is important to consider it well…
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