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Essay example - Conflicts Identification

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It is true that Roman Catholic Church has not moved with the times. Actually, it has not moved much at all since the days of the advent of Protestantism. …

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The rules and regulations of Roman Catholic Church has made the number of churchgoers dwindle over the years, and has created identity crisis and many other ‘sins’ in the society.
There is absolutely no doubt that the children of divorced parents feel alienated in Roman catholic churches because the church teachings and biblical references do not recognise divorce anywhere, whereas the society, popular culture, media, TV and cinema treat divorce as a regular norm in the society. Naturally these conflicting identifications worry the children of divorced parents because religion seems very orthodox and static, while the society, media, people have moved forward. At the same time, in another issue of homosexuality, Roman Catholic churches have remained firmly against it as human abhorrence, whereas the western society has moved on and accepts homosexuality as one of the variations of human desire that need not bring shame like in olden days. So, once again, homosexuals as well as the society wonder about the identities of homosexuals. In a way, religion could be sending the wrong signals as an institution that is rigid, unbending, closed, old and ancient.
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