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Response Connections to Current Events

Zakaria goes on to say that, "The Bill of Rights, after all, is a list of things that the government may not do, regardless of the wishes of the majority. Of America's three branches of government, The Supreme Court is headed by nine unelected men and women with life tenure." Zakaria has a point that the men and women in charge of one of America's highest offices must be elected. It is too much to expect the elected representatives to handle offices of the land that count among the best not only in the United States but among the best in the world. At least the election process of these gentlemen and ladies in the United States' Supreme Court must be more broad based that what it is today.
Fareed Zakaria quotes specific instances and relates them to the illiberal way they are handled in democratic setup. His favorite democratic setups are the United States and Western Europe. His arguments have their due weight. Too much democracy becomes a punishment rather than a remedy. If democracy has to operate in a liberal environment, then it must per se allow its populace the maximum liberty which also provides security and choice.
But Zakaria has said that "the tension between constitutional liberalism and democracy centers on the scope of governmental authority. ...
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The author, Fareed Zakaria, is of the view that democracy can ultimately be the enemy of liberalism. I think Fareed Zakaria has made the point clear that democracy without responsibility is the cause of the many ills in democratic nations. The specific argument is democracy can ultimately be the enemy of liberalism.
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