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Case Study Endocrinology

The substantially increased level of growth hormones which were directly secreted to the circulatory system targeted more somatic cells triggering more cell division, protein synthesis, and bone growth (Mader, 2001). Thus, in a span of 10 years, Jessica gained 325 pounds in weight, and 7 inches in height which is and indication of increased metabolism.
3. At age 23 Jessica manifested suffering from intensifying migraines; impaired working ability as always tired, no menstrual cycle for 19 months; enlarge feet from size 9, 3 years back. At age 30 or 10 years after, Jessica gained 325 pounds in weight, and 7 inches in height. These clinical indicators support the diagnosis that indeed Jessica is suffering from acromegaly in as much as the symptoms are consistent with the indicators for the disease supposed by Dr Cook et al in 2004.
4. In case the clinical diagnosis is correct, then, biochemical GH level at 75g glucose test would be at1ng/ml to 100 ng/ml level (Cook et al, 2004). Obviously, this diagnosis is for a secondary disorder, which is adenomatous anterior pituitary gland or anterior pituitary gland tumor, where mass of the anterior pituitary gland could be equated to hypersecretory activities.
5. A 75g glucose test which is a biochemical test could confirm the clinical diagnosis. ...
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1. Clinically, Jessica's growth hormone level in the blood sample was analyzed for symptoms of acromegaly which she had physically manifested. A high level of her growth hormone will be indicative of hypersecretion which has been found to be a pituitary gland somatotropic adenoma (Cook, Ezzat, Katznelson, Kleinberg, Laws, Jr., Nippoldt, Swearingen, and Vance, 2004)…
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