The Marlin Firearms Company Marketing Profile

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The Company currently sells nine major firearms, has historically produced many different types of firearms, and has evolved its marketing strategies to better reflect the attitudes and beliefs of today's buyers all over the world


The various marketing objectives for the company have altered over the course of its existence and currently are reflecting the values of a large group of consumers who want specific products.The Marlin Firearms Company specializes in small arms manufacture and accessories. Originally, consumer appreciation of these products came from their basic differences from other firearms like those produced by large companies like Winchester (Marlin online, "The history of Marlin Firearms"). The machine guns produced by the company in the early 20th century were used en mass by soldiers during the First World War, but now the company has focused its production and marketing to smaller handguns and rifles that are used by homeowners and hunters. Communicative objectives for Marlin concerning their products are that these firearms are not, as in the past, for large scale warfare but for protection, collection and hunting expeditions. These are values the company realizes its customers hold highly and by focusing the range of products onto these values, Marlin is known for personal, acceptable manufacture of firearms.Marlin products are promoted on the basis that every customer has his or her own target in mind: whether it is actual target practice, small game, large game, deer, bears or random varmints, Marlin has a shotgun or rifle to get the job done. ...
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